Brand lead management brings you an opportunity for an individual or organization to be part of the business process outsourcing activities for lead management.

This lead management activity includes the following tasks:

Email Processing Activities
Classified Activities
Social Media Activities
Website login Activities
Ecommerce Activities
Special Activities

The listed activities will be allotted on exclusive territory basis. An individual or organization can take up multiple territories based on the availability of the resources.

The minimum requirements to start with a single territory are :

A PC or laptop with internet connection,
A cell phone with connection,
Bank account,
Government issued ID proof and address proof and a onetime set-up fee of 50USD.(Setup fee may vary depending upon the territory you choose).

If an organization wants to take this project, the requirements are as follows:

Registration certificate copy of the firm
Government issued ID proof of Managing Director/Managing Partner/Proprietor or the authority in-charge
Address proof of the firm
Bank account detail
Set up fee 50USD per territory. (Setup fee shall vary depending upon the territory you choose)



For each territory you get remuneration as follows

  • Assured Remuneration For the process of 625 emails per month, you will get remuneration of $50 per month.
  • Additional Incentives The lead generated from these 625 emails activities, you will get paid $0.5 to $2 per lead.
  • Additional Rewards You will also get various rewards for online shopping in time to time.
  • Additional Commision You have an opportunity to earn through 'refer a friend' (20% of the setup fee paid by the person you refer).

Sample Calculation for one territory: If you work one to two hours per day, you will be able to process 25 emails per day along with the other activities assigned and your earnings will be as follows:

Assignments per month Approximate eanrings per month
1 25 emails per day *25 days= 625 emails $50
2 Lead generation $30
3 Shopping benefits $20
4 Refer a friend rewards $40
Total $140
Take more territories and get more earnings

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