It is a simple and hassle free process. The user will be assigned an exclusive territory for the lead management activities. Our intuitive and easy to use platform shall make your work easier and interestingly comfortable to manage your tasks. With a onetime set up fee, you can earn a guaranteed monthly income and other incentives based on your performance. You are also rewarded with various shopping benefits, events and training programs along career growth. This process brings you consistent and assured monthly income at your convenient place and pace.

Here is How You Get Started

Your Daily Assignments

Daily Assignment-1: Email Processing Activities

Go to My Assignments> Choose Email Processing> Click the keyword listed in the dashboard which will go to Google search result page for particular keyword. In each keyword, you have to process at least first ten pages of Google. If the result is less than ten pages, you have to take all the available pages.

Go to each URL/websites from the Google results and take the contact information from the website and save in Dashboard under Establishment/Individual Info.

Once you complete 25 prospects, You are required to go to Mail Sender>And Click Send. (with one single click all 25 emails shall be sent)

You can earn addition payment if you are able to go to Google map and provide latitudinal and longitudinal information of the establishment.

Daily Assignment-2: Classified Activities

Go to My Assignments> Choose Classified Activities>Click one classifiedwebsite URL mentioned in the Dashboard and post the pre written content by copy paste from the dash board. Please complete 25 different classified posting per month.

(Each day one classified posting has to be done and the same content should not be repeated in the same classified website in the same month).

Daily Assignment-3: Social Media Activities

Go to My Assignments> Choose Social Media
Activities>Follow the instructions given.

Eg: Likes/Follows/Add Circle/View/subscribe/Comment/Tweet

Daily Assignment-4: Website login Activities

Go to My Assignments> Choose Login Activity>Follow the instructions given.

Go to the given website and create login Id. Sign in at least one website in everyday from the list.

Daily Assignment-5: Ecommerce Activities

Go to My Assignments> Choose Ecommerce Activities>Buy the products and services given with the free coupon code or payment given to you in advance and submit the purchase details to the dashboard.

Daily Assignment-6: Special Activities

Go to My Assignments> Choose Special Activities> Follow the instructions given if it is available. (This is not a regular daily activity; it is occasional process. So check My Assignments, if it is available, you are required to process.)

Your Resources

  • Access to Integrated Platform
  • Step-by-Step by instructions on how to get to do your daily assignment.
  • Ready to send email content.
  • Ready to post classified Ad and social media content.
  • Promotional email content for 'Refer a friend'
  • Various tools to help you to use lead management process
  • Comprehensive task management system with reports
  • Online Customer Relation Management support
  • Resources to promote and earn through refer a friend

How you get paid

  • For every 625 mails that you send in a month, you will get $50
  • Additional rewards for leads generated ($0.5 – $2)
  • Additional rewards for GEO location from Google map
  • Additional rewards for your ecommerce activities
  • Your payment will be paid to you via bank transfer/cheque on a monthly basis.

When you will get paid

The payment will be released on 25th of following month.

Eg: If you submit the assignments for the July month, you will be paid on or before 25th of August.

The maximum amount will be released in a month for a territory is $2500 and the minimum will be $25. If you exceed $2500 or do not achieve the minimum for a month, that particular amount will be carry forwarded to next month's payment.

Mode of Payment

Mode of Payment

You can choose payment mode from following options.


Bank Transfer


Gift Vouchers

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