About Us

Brand Lead Management is an initiation of Brand Consulting Corporation. Brand Lead Management is a young dynamic team who is passionate about enabling most accurate and effective lead management system which helps to resolve the sales challenges.

Brand Lead Management accelerates marketing and lead generation activities to ease the sales process of any businesses. Brand Lead Management plans to set up various online marketing tools which help to reach the target clients and customers directly and effectively and the tools includes mobile application with accurate GEO locations.

Our lead management outsourcing project system is a simple and hassle free process which brings consistent and assured monthly income at your convenient place and pace. Our intuitive, powerful and simple to use platform shall make your work easier and comfortable to manage your tasks.

Brand Lead Management has the vision to establish a large global community who can actively involve in the business process outsourcing and lead management activities and effectively participate in the social media activities and also will be able to take the advantage of the online shopping benefits 'through collective bargaining'.

Further Brand Lead Management is also planning to train, support and provide them a better efficiently equipped internet professional. Brand Lead Management recruiting interested candidates across globe to be part of this community as prospect managers.

Brand Lead Management also brings out various other opportunities to the prospect manager and take the advantages to grow with us and can enjoy the benefits. By establishing a global network of prospect managers Brand Lead Management look forward to promote all the products and services of the various companies across the world.

Join us and explore this exciting work from home opportunity with us.